It used to be that word of mouth referrals, a pretty sign and an office with some good foot traffic was all we needed to get new patients, RIGHT? I mean, you would think that we should just be able to focus on providing an amazing experience for our members and they would tell their friends and family and we could build a profitable practice. I am here to ask you, “are you getting the ideal number of new patients per week doing just that?” Why or why not?chiropractic marketing

Let’s be real, I’m sure you are like most of us and get the 2 phone calls and 4 emails per week with some company or “guy” who says he can get you to the top of the search engines, handle your marketing budget and get you all these new patients. Not only does it come off spammy, but it is also very hard to trust.

There’s SEO, SMO, PPC, CPC, CTR, and a hundred and one other marketing terms that are thrown around, complicating and confusing you into paralysis by analysis. We’re here to share with you one simple strategy that is sound, simple and profoundly effective; your reputation in the community.

Why reputation marketing? :

  • “89% of people that go online to look for a local business are more likely to find a directory review rather than finding your website”

  • “88% of potential customers read online reviews when researching the quality of a local business, even with a warm referral”

  • “a 1 star difference in reputation results in a 5%-9% change in revenue.” -Harvard Business Review

If you are still reading this, it already tells me you are a doc that prides themselves on learning, growing and making the biggest impact you can in your community. This leads me to believe that you care about your members, and you stand tall knowing that you have an amazing reputation in your practice.

I’m sure your practice members tell you all the time about the progress they make with their health and their lives while under your care. So why is it that the community doesn’t know about this?

Well it is about time that your reputation has the chance to be seen in the community, because not only does this establish you as the local authority, but it gives social validation so that new members feel that they can trust you as their chiropractor.

Put yourself back into the driver’s seat of your marketing results by following this simple strategy of taking those kind words spoken about you, and displaying them in front of interested new leads.

Watch this 4 minute video so you can fully understand what it is and how you can take advantage of the easiest strategy we have ever used: