Our History

As the head coach and founder, I’d like to share a little about how Full Circle Coaching and Consulting came about. I was a successful entrepreneur running a bustling chiropractic practice. I had a six-figure income to provide the lifestyle my family wanted while working just 25 hours a week and taking a few months of holiday every year.

People would ask, “How do you do it?”

For some time, I’d take their calls and answer their questions as best I could. It got to a point, however, where I needed to make a choice: keep going as I had been, or teach other people how I’d gotten there.

I felt that I owed it to people to help them understand how I designed my ideal life and manifested it. Today, I help people from all over the world from professions as varied as chiropractic, plumbing, accounting and other industries to learn how they can do the same.

What Sets Us Apart: The Full Circle Model of Authentic Excellence

We believe that every single one of the seven billion-plus people on the planet has an authentic essence: a gift completely unique to them that must be expressed. Just as a tree grows leaves each spring and geese fly south in the fall, there is an innate manifestation in every living being to express their essence.

I’ve created a four-pillar model to help you develop your authentic essence and how to manifest it.

Breaking Down the Four Pillars

Let me give you a quick description of the model. First, you need to be crystal clear on who you are – and who you are not. Too often, people fall into someone else’s definition of who they should be by adopting their values and their priorities and goals as a result. We’ll clear away that clutter to reveal your true authentic essence, which will give you the creativity, power and wisdom to create or clarify your vision.

We’ll help you define YOUR core values and the goals and priorities that naturally unfold from them, both personally and professionally. As they become clear, we’ll be able to help you develop your authentic vision, release the blocks to that vision, develop the systems that will support your vision and define and recruit the team you need to achieve it all. 

Let’s Define Your Vision

You might get sick of hearing it, but our approach is all about YOUR authentic vision. There is no cookie-cutter, template coaching going on here. We don’t think there is one single way to run your life or business. There is simply the most authentic way for YOU to do so. Our programs, whether group or one-on-one, maximize and optimize your ability to bring out the amazing, special person we know you are. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, we can’t wait to talk to you. Let’s discuss the possibilities of taking your business and life to levels you may have never dreamed were possible.  

The Team