Many practitioners get a burned out feeling and don’t even recognize it. If you can recognize when you’re bored out, you can make changes that will bring you back into alignment with your authentic life.

Here are the signs that will tell you you’re getting bored with your life:

If you find yourself daydreaming, that’s the first sign that you’re getting bored. When you start imagining things outside of what’s going on around you, it shows you’re not present.

Do you feel like a robot? When you have a fixed routine, and it’s not fulfilling in the way you want it to be, it can often generate a burned out feeling, like you’re simply running through the motions.

Do you ever have out-of-body experiences? Maybe you’re giving a report and you suddenly aren’t focused anymore. This shows that you’re bored out because the passion and engagement for what you’re doing has disappeared.

Do you get anxious? Anxiety may be connected to boredom because you’re not certain of what you’re doing.

Do you attract chaos? It shows that you’re both out of balance and bored. The universe is trying to add excitement to your life.

If you have holes in your day, you also may be dissatisfied with life. People who are excited about life tend to go from one activity to the next with intention.

Do you feel like you’re in the right profession? In the right place geographically? And do you feel like you’re living close to your optimum potential?

If you notice these signs in your own life, it may be time to make changes in order to avoid being bored out. A burned out feeling means you’re not living fully. Focus on what matters to you, and start living in balance.

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