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Have you ever wondered what inspires you?

A mentor of mine used to say, “We bring about what we think about.”

A vision board is a daily reminder of what you want to work towards in life. It’s physical, so every time you walk past it, you become aware of it. It sends a reminder to your brain to say, “Hey, remember me!”. What you think about daily occupies a significant part of your mind. In essence, when you keep a vision board, you can bring your dreams to life.

02:00 – Would you consider designing your life?
02:20 – Is there a right way to do a vision board?
03:30 – What goes into a vision board?
05:20 – What not to do.
06:00 – Does specificity matter?
07:00 – Dealing with obstructive visions.
08:10 – Can it help you combat stress?

I encourage you to start vision boarding. It’s an excellent way to manifest your dreams.

We’d like to know what inspires you to attract the big wins in your life. Please let us know in the comments.

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