Name: Bruce Lambert D.C.


I first attended Dr. Tom Preston and Dr. Peter Amlinger’s Remembering the Sacred Source in June of 2009. At that time, I felt it was perhaps the most powerful weekend I have ever experienced. I returned in June 2010, not sure if the previous year’s experience could be matched. I found that it was even more powerful and life changing. I went back again in 2011 not having any expectations and again I found even more profound changes in my life and practice. My personal experience has become more potent and crystallizing with every return to Remembering the Sacred Source. In a nut shell, over three days I am able to shed bad habits, bad thoughts and emerge with a greater sense of who I am, and how I practice the art of Chiropractic. Remembering the Sacred Source has made me a better Chiropractor, a better father, a better husband. It has truly changed my life. If that doesn’t catch your attention, since coming back from the June 2011 retreat, the insights I have put in to action as a direct result has allow my practice to grow 20% in three months!

Thank you Dr. Tom and Dr. Peter!