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In his world bestselling The Greatest Salesman In The World book, Og Mandino challenges us to master our emotions. When you master your emotions, you realize the power of perception.

Think about the number of different emotions you can feel in a day. If you reacted to all of them, what would happen?

What do you do when you feel down and depressed?
How about when you’re euphoric and celebratory?

There can be many different outcomes depending on the emotion and the extent to which you feel it.

But the key is never to let your emotions control your actions.
Rather change your perception.

You can control the way you feel. The trick is to think beyond the emotion and where it wants to lead you at that moment.

When you feel down or angry, ask yourself what you can learn at that moment.

There are some pivotal lessons to be learned from The Greatest Salesman In The World book, and as Og Mandino said, “If I feel depressed, I will sing…If I feel ill, I will double my labor.”

Sing your way out of it!

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