grow chiropractic office
What If You Saw Twice As Many Patients While Working One Less Day Per Week and still be home with your family every night for dinner?

How is it that you can put a $100K practice owner into a $500K practice and the practice will synchronize down to the $100k level and if you put the $500K practice owner into the $100K practice, it will rise to $500k?

Because we can’t grow past our most limiting beliefs.


Chosen applicants receive their first month FREE to ensure its a fit

You’ve worked long and hard to get to where you are now, but that hard work alone won’t get you to where you want to grow.

Because if so, you’d be there already.

And those that have “made it” financially, wouldn’t be here right now unless they are bored or unfulfilled in the other areas of their life.

We know because this was us.

Myself and my coaches have been there.

We see it everyday.

Practice owners who dedicate their lives to their patients, and feel guilty when they’re not home with their family.

Then sacrifice their hobbies and vacation time….

And still don’t take home enough money to feel fulfilled.

 I have grown my practice by 43%. I am better equipped now to deal with the rigours of a busy practice, 2nd marriage, and 6 children than I could have ever hoped for.

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

Most docs aren’t growing their practice simply because they’re vision for the future is so foggy that they just hope the blind effort they put in will be enough to move the needle.

We’re all told to see volume, more volume and that will be the answer. Patient growth is shoved down our throats and yet when we hit “the number” we find ourselves still not fulfilled.

….Because that was never OUR dream.

It’s time to design the practice that YOU desire.

The practice that gives you the revenues needed to put your kids into college, while still taking the family vacations and making it home to be with family or friends each night.

Imagine you had the clarity and certainty in your practice.

You knew where you were, where you wanted to be, and the daily checklist to get “there”.

Imagine you had more patients committing to your services, and more patients attracted to your practice so that you made more each month with no more effort or new marketing?
Now imagine seeing your practice grow while only working 3 or 4 days per week.

It’s possible and we have helped thousands of individuals create something similar.


grow chiropractic office

The only practice growth solution that is 100% catered to YOU, YOUR practice, YOUR personality, with YOUR family in mind.

Designed by you.

With the accountability and handholding of a dedicated coach who’s been in your shoes.


  • Help you clearly define where you are, financially, personally, socially, vocationally, spiritually etc.
  • Help you design the life and practice you truly desire in your heart and then reverse engineer the blueprint to make it happen
  • Help navigate and release the many personal and professional interferences to your practice growth …. like the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck at your current level of manifestation.
  • Help you have the life you have always dreamed of because by removing these interferences you can attract and retain more patients organically and have more time for your hobbies, sports and the things you love in your life
  • Help increase efficiency and effectiveness so we can eliminate as many unnecessary working hours as we can so you can spend more quality time with your friends and family.

Who is the Program For?

This is for entrepreneurs & practice owners who feel either burned out or bored out with their life. Anyone who is tired of the hamster wheel of stressing over their work life balance and living with the guilt & stress associated with being a business owner and family (wo)man.


  • Want to make more money while taking more time off
  • Are tired of the “cookie cutter programs”
  • Feel like there is something greater within them and feel unfulfilled.
  • Want a strong vision that propels them out of bed each morning
  • Want systems that allow them to grow without working harder
  • Are open and willing to be coached (we have had to fire several clients who were “uncoachable”)
Take Dr. Charles for example, who is now seeing 120 pts per week in only 3.5 days so he can spend more time fishing with his family.

He said, ‘In the first 2 months of coaching with Full Circle, I’ve basically doubled my daily volume of patients without any marketing or fee reductions. It was all me… the only thing that changed was me. It’s been amazing.”

Your coach will help you create your Practice From Within by laying out the frameworks for designing your dream lifestyle and helping you build your practice around this.

TRUE success requires growth and fulfillment across ALL seven areas of your life. Meaning we are here to create a successful YOU (by your definition), not just a successful practice.

The Practice From Within is not a paint-by-numbers program you follow, nor is it any sort of group coaching.

This is you, one-on-one with our coaches for a full year as we literally pull you towards your dreams.

If you’ve built a practice of at least 50 – 100 patient visits per week, you have what it takes to get to the next level. We’re not giving you information, we’re going to work you through a transformation.

To help reveal that “someone” you’d be proud to have running your practice, parenting your kids, designing your life.

We’re going to lovingly kick your ass, because we can see you have more to give the world.

The Practice From Within Blueprint is a Transformational Journey through our 4 Pillars of Mindset, Management, Systems and Team.

We take you from ‘chaos and confusion’ to ‘controlled and compensated’:


I had both sides of the coin. I was a poor farm boy who couldn’t afford university. Then I was a post grad with $750,000 (in today’s dollars) in debt trying to start a family and a practice.

Then the other side of this story… having money, the dream house, a family oasis on a private island, boats, toys, you name it… and yet, I was terribly unhappy.
Turns out I had “bought in” so hard to the bullshit that society fed me that I was living someone else’s life.

The speakers on the platform said that the key to success was more volume. So I continued to build the volume.

300 pv/week… 400 pv/week… I still remember the first week we served over 500 pv/week and then adjusting almost 1000 pv/week when my business partner went on vacation… and that’s when I found out that the key to success and happiness is NOT patient volume.

Apparently I had accumulated a lifetime of “layers” in my mind and heart that blocked my connection to this “inner greatness”

I had released boat loads of limiting beliefs but …

I needed a coach to both challenge and support me to be the best version of me

I was challenged to CHOOSE what I wanted my life to look like and was walked through creating it around my Core Values. This is what put me to the next level of manifestation, to taking 12 weeks vacation every year and only working 25 hours per week while making a healthy 6 figure take home salary

I built my practice around my life rather than my life around my practice. And that lead me to the journey of serving others.

If you’re ready for us to help you define and design the life and practice you know is possible for you, click here to apply for an authenticity call.

After the call if we think you’re truly serious about growing and a good fit for our customized approach, we will offer you a free one month trial so you know we’re serious about you and your dreams!

grow chiropractic office


Dr Alison Cummings says…

“I have learned how to truly live a life of balance. I have a fulfilling, prosperous career and family life.

[Full Circle] taught me how I can work 3 1/2 days a week to create the life I choose, all while keeping congruent with my core values. They have truly changed the course of my life and for that I am forever grateful.”

Dr Erik Thorlakson says…

“I grew my businesses in the first 6 months and then they plateaued for the last 3 years… until I started coaching with Full Circle and they skyrocketed.

I’ve been able to blend my core values of family, music and chiropractic to create a business I’m excited about again. I just had my best month(s) ever starting in June, which is typically our slow period.

It’s been life changing..”

Dr Jen Dennis says…

When I started with Full Circle I could barely pay all of my bills and I would struggle to ever take time off. I Doubled, and yes I said DOUBLED my practice within the first year of working with them. I now have flexibility to take time off and the financial freedom to do so.

Just last week my wife and I went on a two week adventure to Belgium and the Netherlands. This would never have been possible without Full Circle helping me Create my ideal practice and life”


It’s been life changing..”

grow chiropractic office
  • We are a team of coaches that come from various walks of life and backgrounds, but we have one thing in common.
  • I’ve built a great coach, consulting business around simply helping people remove the bullshit that sabotages their success so their business grows organically.
  • We have spent over 2 decades defining and refining the steps needed to customize your blueprint to create the life you were born to live – a GREAT one.
  •  This is a 12 month 1:1 coaching program for high consciousness practice owners that want to grow their business while increasing their time off, without extra marketing.
  • We have all chosen to awaken to the power of our own authentic expression and build intentional, successful lives and practices from our innate power.
  • Business is just a reflection of self, which is why this program creates successful docs, not just successful practices. This way you are self-sustainable moving forward in every other venture.
  • We walk hand in hand with you AND YOUR FULL TEAM to create the business and lifestyle that you were born to live.

Dr. Stephen Lippit

That’s what we did with Dr. Stephen Lippit:

I’m dealing with “stresses” and crazy stuff that happens in life better. Things continue to work more synchronously.

What’s changed/evolved in my life with coaching:

  • I’ve lost 30 lbs of flab and 6 inches around my waist
  • I’ve played more guitar then the past 8 years combined.
  • I attracted 20 new practice members to my office during the month of January (a personal record).
  • I’ve given myself permission to actually want a great lifestyle for myself.
  • I’ve learned how to dream again…actually more like believe that my dreams could actually happen in this lifetime!
  • I’ve understood how important my passions are in my life.
  • I’ve thought about and am starting to more consistently use my time more profitably.
  • I’ve felt less stressed then I can ever remember.
  • I’m getting important projects that I’ve put off for years done in less time than I ever thought possible, leaving more time for me to enjoy life and be with my family.


Dr. Tara Price

Dr. Tara Price said: “Coaching with Full Circle for the past 18 months with our business team has been the best decision we have made in 14 years of practice.

As we wrap up, we reflect on our 37% growth in our business, better relationships with our partners and team, implementation of new systems to run a more efficient clinic, financial plan and goals set out for life/business, improved family life and relationship with spouse, more time off with no dip in billings, making dreams a reality – trip to Disney. ROI = PRICELESS!”

If you are ready to step into the life you know is possible for you, take control of your time, business, money, and relationships, then we encourage you to book a call and see if we are a good fit.

We have coached thousands of individuals into FULLY expressing themselves into their dream lifestyle, personally and professionally.

After the call if we think you’re a good fit, we will offer you a free one month trial so you know we’re serious about you.


How Long is The Coaching Program?!

We offer one FREE month of coaching as a trial to ensure you are a good fit for us and that we are a good fit for you.

Then we work in 12 months agreement cycles.

Our average clients works with us for more than one year but that is entirely up to you.

How much?

Depends on your currency – but anywhere from $800 to $1100 a month

How much time/work involved?

It really depends on the human as we customize each clients program. On average we ask for a commitment of 1 to 3 hours/week.

Is it guaranteed?

As with most things in life there are no guarantees, you get out what you put in, but our average return on investment is 347% for the money invested in the first year. This is commonly higher the more years that people coach.

What is the ROI?

347% – meaning that every dollar you spend you get an additional $3.47 back

Where did the coaching team get their qualifications?

The coaching team is made up of highly successful entrepreneurs who earned their “stripes” in the school of hard knocks and the trenches of running their own successful businesses.

The team works under the guidance of our head coach, Dr Tom Preston, who has 20+ years and tens of thousands of hours of successful coaching experience under his belt.