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I decided to make this video because the truth is, many docs get it wrong when doing their patient histories. Here’s how you can make your chiropractic report of findings a THOUSAND TIMES EASIER!

The reason why so many docs get this part of the process wrong is because they don’t pay attention to the patient’s full history. Often, they only go over events that occurred in the present or very recent past.

But it’s important to go back and review the whole series of events that led your patient to come to you for treatment. That’s because a review helps clarify why the patient needs treatment and how it can help them.

Patient histories should be thorough because deeply rooted problems don’t often happen overnight. When a chiropractic report of findings is detailed, it helps provide crucial context that will make the rest of their time with you more meaningful and productive.

If you simply dive into an academic-sounding explanation of their current condition, the patient is going to give up. It’s going to go over their head.

This is also a good opportunity for you to connect with your patient and allow them to become reacquainted with their own history. With that in mind, a conversational tone will make the patient feel more at ease.

Patient histories are not only the first part of a chiropractic report of findings but are also a very important part. If you provide the proper context to your patient, you’ll have no problem educating them when it comes to their treatments.

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