Name: Dr. Angela Pascoe

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

My experience with The Chiropractic Excellence Program has helped me grow
personally, spiritually, and has allowed me to see through clear lenses what it is
that I want in a practice someday. It has also assisted me in knowing how I can
create my dream lifestyle and dream practice, in MY IDEAL! I have been able to
do this by defining what my core values are, which was something we did early
on in the program. Knowing what my core values are has helped me make
decisions efficiently. For example, I can look at a question I may have and see if
the answer to that question is in line with my core values or not. If the answer is
congruent with my core values I will go ahead with the idea, and if not I can dump
the idea.
Being a student I have found it extremely beneficial to have coaches assist me in
creating my future practice and future lifestyle. I am now clear on what it is that I
want, not only in practice but also in my family life as well. After the module on
time management, which personally I found to be one of the most powerful
modules, I experienced a shift in my consciousness. By creating a daily time
schedule, and following it, I now feel a sense of freedom and fulfillment! I was
not only getting projects/studying done but I was also spending quality time with
my family. I was spending time with them and my mind was able to be fully on
them because I have allotted time for study/projects, time alone, family, etc… I
am now able to live present time conscious!
I look forward to another year in the program to further enhance my vision for my
future practice and future lifestyle!