Name: Dr. Blake Broker

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

I will try to convey how amazing my experience with Dr. Tom Preston and his camp was. I attended two years ago with twelve other chiros. The environment is a return to nature which penetrates the artificial world that has been created for us to live in. It is an experience that can’t be replicated in a hotel seminar room. The group of people varies every time which creates a different experience every weekend. Dr. Tom and the people assisting are participants and facilitators rather than lecturers. The exercises are designed to maximize the benefit of the surroundings for you to tap into your authentic self. By far it was the most spiritual weekend of my chiropractic life. As I returned home Justine and my children saw a different me. I would like to give you more details but often that leads to expectations. With expectations you will build up blocks to tapping into your authentic self.