Name: Dr. Brian F. Landers

Location:  Auburn, New York

When I got out of chiropractic school I thought that one of the best things that I could do for myself was to get a coach to help me start my practice. I met Tom Preston at a seminar that he gave and was quite impressed by his philosophical understanding and mastery of Chiropractic. When he mentioned that he did coaching, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to have him as my coach. The experience has been wonderful! He was able to save me a lot of time and energy and I quickly grew my practice faster than most of my friends from school. I think one important thing to point out is that I grew MY PRACTICE. Other friends of mine joined coaching programs which had them building a practice which was not their ideal, but more of a franchise. Tom finds out what your dream is in practice and helps you achieve it. I couldn’t be happier with how my practice has turned out. It is an expression of my heart, which Tom helped me clear. He understands the important connection between your personal and professional existence. Consistency in all areas of your life is of utmost importance. He even cared enough about my success to discontinue coaching at a time where I would benefit most by flying solo. Currently I am joining up with him again and look forward to the growth in my life and practice.