Name: Dr Carl Rivest D.C.

Location: Quebec City, Quebec

My experience at “Heal the Healers” at beautiful Blue Lake Lodge was an experience of authenticity, a rejuvenation haven for the body, mind and soul. Its’an experience in a majestic natural place of divine beauty and serenity. It’s an experience where reconnecting with your higher self takes its true meaning. You live an intimate communion and communication with nature’s most beautiful natural design. You live a purification of mental stress, worries and insecurities you have been holding in you for months or years.

It’s a safe place and time for being who you really are. An experience of abundant and unconditionnal love, in a relaxed and friendly “summer camp for adults” atmosphere! A place where you have time for yourself to reconnect with who you are at a deep level and also with other liked minded individuals.

It’s an experience where life at its fullest expression takes its meaning, a sacred place where a certain magic operates to help you see and touch your true human potential. A place and experience where you come back and are deeply grateful for your life and all the immense potential that is in you.

It’s an experience where you have time for a great variety of possibilities for your own pleasure, from canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, jogging, relaxing on the deck reading, eating amazing food prepared with love, chatting with amazing people, taking time to meditate, do tai-chi, enjoy the sun deck, a camp fire with funny stories shared by everyone, a quiet and sacred spot on the island, a sweat lodge experience…….. the list goes on and on!

From the moment you leave your home to the moment you go back home you are on an adventure ….a priceless adventure of a life time. I guarantee this ……. Dr Tom Preston will give you a gift that will last for the rest of your life, an experience that will be remembered as one of the most beautiful experience of your life.

With all my gratitude to Tom and his team for the “Blue Lake experience.”