Name: Dr. Christian Reilly

Location:  Glastonbury, CT

It ‘s been three months since the retreat and I decided to write and share my lasting impressions with you so you could relay them to others.

Looking back; the island is beautiful! It is a remote location that gives visitors a chance to re-identify with their true authentic selves, explore what they have become and then adjust accordingly.

I felt safe. The retreat felt professionally facilitated and that allowed the focus to be on personal growth and actualization.

For me, this retreat was exactly where Innate wanted me. I was in need of an opportunity to shed my anger and frustration with God for taking a loved one away from us through seemingly cruel death. I learned, through this retreat experience, to honor her life and God’s will. My own sacred self reminded me that we are not separate but whole in spirit.

I will be forever connected to the group as we made powerful bonds that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for following your dream and manifesting this retreat. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone.