Name: Dr. D.J. LeDrew

Location: Calgary, AB

I feel my coaching experience with Dr. Tom has been a fantastic experience. He is the best coach I have ever had, from athletics to business. In my experience with other chiropractic coaches, he is the only true coach in chiropractic that doesn’t just want you to be like him!
He makes you work to truly define your ideal life and then holds you accountable to do what you say you’re going to do! I have grown more and have become more authentic to my dream life in one year with Tom than I have with years of coaching and programs with many of our professions guru’s. I have also accomplished more in this year than any years’ prior. My consciousness, relationships and expression resonate a much higher level thanks to Tom’s influence. It’s a lot of work but the benefits are well worth all the effort. Thank you so much for helping me discover and live my dream life and become a better expression of my authentic self!