My Path Seemed Clear…

I remember the day I decided to become a chiropractor. I graduated high school as valedictorian with top honours and plenty of scholarship money. I was off to Queen’s University, where I intended to go into medical school. Everything changed, however, when I interviewed and shadowed medical doctors and realized the allopathic model simply didn’t feel authentic to me.

I no longer had that vision and focus. As a result, my marks suffered and I lost two scholarships. At the start of the next year, I sat down with a piece of paper and started writing down my dreams. I had a few priorities: living in cottage country on a lake, never worrying about paying bills, meet a wonderful woman and be a father. I also knew I was a people person who loved to help others, which was what initially drew me to medicine.

I went through all the potential careers that would allow me to achieve these things. BOOM! – there it was. I was supposed to be a chiropractor. I’d actually seen a chiropractor since age 11 and considered being one, but had lost sight of it. Arriving at it again was an epiphany, and a huge lesson that with a clear purpose in my mind, school could be easy.

I Wasn’t Living My True Purpose

In 2012, my wife and I had just finished building our dream home on a lake. We were just settling in with our two young children when I had a stark realization: I was BORED.

Looking back at my career, I’d had many successes. I’d built a thriving multidisciplinary healthcare office, had a large family chiropractic practice, mentored many doctors, served my profession at a high level in various roles and was a professional speaker. I volunteered in my community, travelled the world and received numerous awards of recognition.

I had even made my past dreams of living on a lake, being married to an amazing woman and having children come true. Though comfortable and happy, I felt like I had an itch that I couldn’t scratch. What would I do for the rest of my life? I knew how destructive it was to lack a clear vision and didn’t want to fall back into that.

Finding Full Circle

I knew I needed help figuring out my future. Several friends of mine raved about the growth they’d achieved with Dr. Tom Preston’s coaching, so I reached out. About five minutes into our conversation, I knew this was it for me. Tom was the first coach who ever talked about creating a vision that was authentically based on your own values.

And so began my incredible journey.

Within a few months, I created a vision for the next 20-30 years of my life. Along that journey, I learned that I manifested much of my life through intentional practices that reflected my values. I got even more crystal clear about what these were and redesigned my life’s purpose, which is “To inspire and teach optimal human potential.”

I think it was then that Tom asked me to join his team as a coach, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Using My Passion to Help Others

During my life, I’ve had to learn some pretty tough lessons. But I’m grateful for these experiences, as they’ve helped me grow. I continue to create the life of my dreams. One of the most important lessons is to define success by your OWN idea. I spent so much of my early life trying to live up to an ideal of success as others defined it. Ironically, I realized that it was my projection of what I thought others wanted. Once I got clear that it was all about me being authentic, I found true freedom and joy.

As a coach, I love helping others on their journey of discovery and possibilities.

Connecting people with their true source of power (their core values and authentic expression) allows them to accomplish anything they truly value, with less stress and more passion than they can imagine. Life is a rich odyssey that you get one shot at. Let us help you create a life full of purpose and fulfillment!