Name: Dr. Gary Malstrom

Location: Burlington, Ontario

Let me begin by saying that I have never been impressed by the prostitution of ‘practice management’ in chiropractic. Fancy rehearsed scripts, stories of chiropractic miracles and promises of a million dollar practice do not interest me at all. So, when I came across Tom Preston’s introductory e-mail I pretty much ignored it as I have done to all others. But there was something in Tom’s e-mail message that intrigued me…..‘Create your practice in your own ideal.’

This is what it has been all about. I wasn’t interested in becoming a clone of someone else’s idea of what chiropractic practice should be. I wanted to create a practice that reflected my own ideas and standards of what I think chiropractic is all about.
Tom and I have now been working together for the past few months on the growth and creation of both my professional and personal life.

Yes, there has been growth in my practice but I won’t bore you with the statistics, more importantly I am experiencing the excitement of personal growth that is being reflected within all areas of my life. I would like to conclude by thanking Tom for providing such a vital service to the chiropractic profession.