Name: Dr. Gracinda Ramos

Location: Windsor, Ontario

As the healing occurs from the inside out Dr. Tom Preston has been coaching and showing me ways to heal, change and grow from the inside out. He is more than a business coach he is my Life Coach.

We have worked with my fears and what a difference. I am able to approach tasks with strength and increased confidence.

When I first started working with Tom I did not know what my core values were. Tom has taught me that in order to have improved congruencies with the decisions I make it is very important to know what my values are. Now my values influence my decisions and have allowed me to live a life that is much more balanced between work and play.

I am able to react to challenges in my life with a healthy perceptive and know that support is always there. Everyday I am getting better at being grateful for all of the good and challenges in my life.

The changes that have occurred in my life would not have been possible without the help of my coach. He makes me accountable in a warm and encouraging environment. I know I can trust Tom with anything I say or do there is never any judgment.

My life has changed so much in the last 2 years. I have learned that my life is connected and influenced by all seven areas of life spiritual, family, career, financial, physical, learning/mental and social. And during different times of this journey the value and importance I put on all seven will change. It is important to bring as much balance as I can to these 7 areas throughout this journey I live. My coach Tom helps me have balance and there is unbelievable value with that.

My practice has grown into more of a corrective and wellness practice which is what kind of practice I love. Tom has shown me the best way to build a wellness practice through his own experience and teachings of procedures. He has allowed me to be the one responsible in the creative process of making my own procedures which is very important to me. I get to be me and build the best practice that works for me. I am better at communicating what chiropractic is and how it affects their overall health. I am more organized and accomplish tasks more efficiently and on time. He is kind and honest with his coaching. Tom is always building your confidence, makes you accountable and you always feel that you can be yourself.

I have learned how to communicate better with my boyfriend, family and friends. I am better at living in the moment and less focus on the past or future.

I am more confident with the decisions I make, what I say and who I am. Initially I worked on changing my fear of rejection, it is a work in progress but it has changed incredibly. I can make changes in my career, personal life or any area of my life with less fear which has changed my life!
Tom is an incredible coach and has helped me change my life into the life I want to live. He is caring, kind and passionate about helping others. He is an incredible coach and I am grateful to have him in my life!