Name: Dr. Holly Hochstadt

Location: Seattle, WA

I have had moments (2!) where I’m moved to tears by my sense of accomplishment.
This is something I didn’t know if I could ever achieve.

I thought, not in this neighborhood…not without a life partner…And I have done it!
I own an amazing little (very expensive!) piece of property in an area I love.

It’s really cool.

I don’t remember ever feeling this way before.

Not at graduations, not at races, not ever (that I can recall). It’s pretty frickin powerful!
Thank you for the multiple ways you’ve played a role in helping me to reach for my dreams. This was the big one-got it done before the year was half over!!!! 🙂

Now i’ve got the rest of the year to get my feet back under me, and (of course) lay some
amazing plans for next year. I’m so thrilled. I’m also sometimes a bit nervous about
the economy, etc., but I trust it’ll all work out how it needs to in the long run.