Name: Dr. Jeff Needham

Location: Sarnia, Ontario

I started coaching very early in my 13 year career and it really helped as I chose to start a subluxation/wellness focused practice from scratch!

But the stereotypical “coaching” from the USUAL platform guys that we see at conferences, via email or fax messages is different because it’s primarily about following a specific recipe for success, their recipe, not YOUR recipe (and let me add that many of these guys couldn’t or never did make it in practice…they just talk and sell a good game).

I did this kind of coaching for several years and I was a success but I kept wanting more and more and never felt satisfied at work. That stole my entire focus to the point where it cost me in other parts of my life including eventually a divorce.

Seeing your practice as money, people as numbers and believing you are classed as a great doctor by the more people you see is no fun, exhausting and frustrating! And that’s how I practiced for years. The more I saw and made and had, the more I wanted! And the more stressed, tired and unhappy this journey was.

So when I met my friend Dr. Tom I learned that real COACHING was about setting a vision, based on my values, ideals and desires, devising my own procedures and playbook and plan to become who I wanted to BE, what I wanted to DO and what I wanted to HAVE in my practice and life!

No more stress, frustration! No more seeing people as numbers or statistics but instead literally embracing the practice of MY DREAMs with all the people I wanted to offer it to and ideally wanted in it….families and children.

I have been on an amazing journey and have a dream life that has allowed me to adjust and educate thousands of families and children in my community, speak and lecture to thousands every year about true health and wellness, while taking 6 weeks vacation every year (and I don’t have an associate), with a sense of freedom in all aspects of my life from being able to travel to finances minus the stress before!

I am literally living my dream life everyday. The one that I created with the guidance of a true coach that helped guide the way by keeping me focused and on track avoiding pitfalls!

And that’s what real coaching encompasses! We all can make our dreams come true however those that WANT that versus those that COMMIT is the difference. You can’t do that following someone else’s model of practice…you need your own! But to do that you need to COMMIT to the journey and have a guide to make that journey with.