Name: Dr. Jenny Armstrong

Location: Victoria, BC

I’m going thru old file folders filled with “important stuff”. It is a good review of who I was, where I’ve come from, and what I planned to do…. And by the end of the afternoon it will be a physical, mental and spiritual reboot of things I still want to move forward on and a purging of things I am done with.

Our work together shows up a lot in these files. It’s fun to see me then, the layers of confusion and denial suffocating the real deal. Such patience you had in not flying here to kick me in the ass for being so asleep!

And such wisdom you offered… I still go back and work thru you’re exercises from time to time. Though mainly
I think about working through them – not quite as productive I know – ouch, I felt that kick 😛

Anyway, keep rocking the planet with your stuff; you are contributing very powerful energy into the cosmos; I hope you still enjoy what you do.