Name: Dr. John Balsamo

Location:  New York, N.Y. U.S.A.

Not but a few months ago in early June I embarked upon an opportunity to fish among the men. All but two were unknown to me. The land that I was to visit also was an unknown… but excited I was to dive in and discover what was to Be! I am a New York Chiropractor, I am a New Yorker! At least on the outside… In the next 25 hours my mind, body and spirit was embraced by the glory of the natural. The Sun, the clouds, the rain, the water, the cold, the heat, the trees, the dust, the fish, the rocks, the wind, the fire, the day and the night! My experience was subconsciously igniting, emotionally uplifting, mentally stimulating, and visually a dreamscape.

From the caretaker/facilitator Dr. Tom Preston, to the guide Jim, to the chef and the other two facilitators, Dr. Amlinger and Nala, MY EXPERIENCE WAS OUTSTANDING!! I pride myself on the ability of distinction and all I can say is 10 Stars for the form and context that was created and facilitated by the “Remembering The Sacred Source-Fishing For Life-Retreat Team” Not a day goes by that the “parts” of my weekend with YOU ALL don’t affect the “Wholeness” of my life today! With Great Spirit, Love from the depths of my heart, passion for the great out doors… I Thank YOU