Name: Dr. Kacie Flegal

Location: Ashland, Oregon

WELL! I was hooked the moment that I talked with Tom the first time on the phone. I felt an INSTANT connection to him and new right away that yes, he was going to offer me GREAT business advice from a Chiropractic perspective, but that was only a FRACTION of what Tom is about as a Coach.

He comes from a place of true LOVE for what he does, and love for people. His coaching style is about creating not only a successful practice, but a successful LIFE based on who you are as an individual. And the cool thing is that he helps you to discover who you really are, and what is really important to you.

I have never felt so supported than I do with Tom. He is so genuine in his approach and really allows you to experience and express whatever it is you need. AND he challenges you in a way that allows you to see your own greatness. I have never worked so hard on myself and my practice and LOVE every minute of it. I continue to grow in practice, but also in my understanding of myself. He is on my side 110% (and beyond).

My experience with Tom as a coach and mentor has allowed me to know myself and my strengths more than I could have ever imagined. I am continually inspired and am blessed to have him in my life!