Name: Dr. Kale Matovich

Location:  Calgary, Alberta

As with many new experiences, it was not without some mild trepidation that I made the journey across Canada to participate in Dr. Preston’s Inner Power seminar. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I knew I wanted to be there.
The weekend took place in an unbelievably beautiful setting. Over the weekend we were challenged, supported, enlightened, and guided. For anyone interested in moving beyond where they are at or pushing through barriers this weekend is a must.
Dr. Tom was the perfect facilitator, amazingly skilled at removing those ‘between the ears’ subluxations. I left with invaluable skills that I didn’t have prior to the seminar.
My advice is to file all of the excuses and reasons ‘why not’ under G for garbage and get off your butt and just do it. You deserve the benefits that this weekend offers!!