Name: Dr. Kelly Johnson

Location: Perth, Ontario

It is truly hard to put into words how grateful I am that I manifested Dr. Tom Preston into my life. While the process of growth is often difficult, I always knew that I was supported and loved enough to be pushed, challenged, celebrated and held accountable for the things that I said I wanted in my life. After 8 months of coaching and 2 retreats with Dr. Tom, I am so much more at peace and happier with myself than I can ever remember being. As a result, my husband and children are also happier and we are having more fun as a family and doing more things together than ever before. For this alone I am the most thankful. On top of all that, without even getting to the practical office procedures, my net income has increased 58.62% in the last 7 months! How’s that for a case that head space or the removal of space occupying lesions in that head space, is all that is needed for a ripple effect in the hologram of life! Thank you Tom for your brilliance, your intuitive genius and your love of growth and development in us all.

“I have been coaching with Dr. Tom Preston for one and a half years now and it
has been a great experience. Dr. Tom is very effective in holding me accountable
for the things I want to change or create in my life, both personally and
professionally. I have grown more into my authentic self in our coaching time
than at any other time in my life. At 44 years old, I feel more self-confident,
peaceful and happier than ever before. As a result, the ripple effect on my family
life and my practice has been amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Tom as a
coach if you are interested in expressing more of your authentic self to the world.