Name: Dr. Lise Janelle

Location: Toronto, Ontario

A year and a half ago, I signed up with Tom because I wanted to make a transition from being a chiropractor to being a coach myself. I had always done those important transitions alone before, priding myself in that fact. I guess I had grown some more in self-worth and decided that I did not need to prove it again to myself. Accepting to have someone with me to make the journey feel less daunting and more fun sounded like a great concept. I wanted someone there to bounce ideas with and get objective opinions that I respected; someone with wisdom and the strength that comes from being true to their heart, reflection and experience.

I have found all of this and more in Tom. I am really grateful that he was with me along the way as in order to be what I really want to be, I had to explore and shed old patterns, some of which I would have not been able to see otherwise. I find it really useful to have someone on the “outside”, not stuck in my paradox, who can see my blind spots and ask me the right questions or make the right intuitive comment to help me see what I could not see. I certainly also enjoy connecting to such a powerful energy as Tom’s because I believe that the company we keep influence the success in our life.

In short, if you are committed to living a great life and would like someone wise to help you achieve your goals in a faster and more enjoyable way, I would not hesitate to work with Tom.