Name: Dr. Lynne McRoberts

Location: Toronto, On

I have been in practice for more than 11 years and I always thought that I wanted a mentor but I now realize that I needed a coach. Never again will I not have a coach. Working with Dr. Tom has been invaluable to me as a individual as well as a doctor. I now understand that I was not running my business, my business was running me. This was draining and not rewarding. I loved the practice side but not the business side. Since working with Dr. Tom I have recognized what I want, as I had lost my dream, and I now have the tools to get there. If I get stuck I know that I will I feel confident that Dr. Tom will have the insight to assist me to get on track. I recommend that you start to take care of yourself, your practice, your business and your practice members and give Dr. Tom a chance to help you find and achieve your dream.