Name: Dr. Mark Halpern

Location: Toronto, Ontario

When I hear people say that they can not afford to have coaching, I always respond that “you can’t afford not to have coaching!” It took me close to six years before I finally started coaching with Dr. Tom, and I wished I had started immediately when I finished school. For those who have tried other coaching programs and are disillusioned because you didn’t feel comfortable with their methods, Dr. Tom is different.

You don’t have to create something in someone else’s ideal, it is all about creating your dream life, in your ideal. Coaching means something different to each individual. Your focus may be financial, spiritual, physical, relationships, etc….

Dr. Tom will guide you and help you achieve your goals. Coaching doesn’t just give you or hand you all the answers, it gives you the tools and support to move you forward on your journey so that you can solve your own problems and create your own destiny.