Name: Dr. Paul McConnell

Location: Calgary Alberta

Coach Tom has completely changed the way I think about my life and has opened me up to some amazing possibilities in my life and has got me clearly focused on my ideal life. In order to try to build my practice before, I worked 7 days a week, putting in an average of 70 hours per week into my business. Now I am in the office around 30 hours per week, which frees my time to do the things I really enjoy in life like traveling and skiing and spending time with friends and family.
In addition my practice has doubled from around 110 patient visits per week, to around 220 patient visits per week. These results I attribute greatly to the motivation and inspiration that Coach Tom has given me. He has not only given me the tools and knowledge to effectively market and manage my business but shown me that anything I want to accomplish is possible, if I am clear on want I want and work hard and smart on getting there.
I truly cannot put the price tag on what Coach Tom has done for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build the practice of their dreams as well as living the most amazing life ever. Thanks Coach Tom