Name: Dr. R. Bradley J. Caulfield

Location: Surrey, BC

What can I say about my experience with Full Circle and Dr. Jay Breitlow over the past year? It has been absolutely fantastic. I have grown my practice by 43%. I am better equipped now to deal with the rigours of a busy practice, 2nd marriage, and 6 children (2 biological and 4 step) than I could have ever hoped for. The tools of knowing my core values and finding my purpose again have allowed me to grow my business and learn how to strive through the chaos of growth in all aspects of my being. My physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and financial health have not been at this optimal level in 30 years. I cannot wait to accomplish all my goals for 2016 with the coaching and support I will receive from Full Circle and Dr. Jay Breitlow. If you are looking to finally deal with all your personal subluxations, mental blocks, and interference that have stopped you from being who you truly want to be – then take the most important first step – join Full Circle. Stop dreaming and start living the life you have always wanted.