Name: Dr. Rupinder Grewal

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Coach, I write this to you sitting in Australia. You have helped me realize such a huge dream within only a year of meeting you. I never thought this dream was possible, and almost had given up on it, but you helped me persist. I got through this year, only with your help. While going through it, it felt like the year from hell, but now I’m free and in Australia. You’ve helped me develop as a self-sufficient person, independent of my parents. You’ve taught me to think for myself and become a better chiropractor. Its been quite a journey. I hope to learn more about myself, my potential and continue to be the best chiropractor I know how, with your guidance and coaching.

Coach, working with you for the past two years has been the best money I have
spent. I feel like I have climbed mountains, swam oceans to get to the point in
my life I am right now. And the best thing is I’m still young and there are many
many more years to grow and see change. If this can happen in 2 years,
imagine the possibility for the next 60, 70 years!! I’ve moved to the opposite side
of the world, have the practice of my dreams, fell in love, I’m healthy and I’m so happy.

Thank you for all you’ve helped me with.