Name: Dr. Sherrie Guillet

Location: Sudbury, ON

First of all, thank you so much for spending a good part of your day with me yesterday. Wow! I don’t really know where to start to let you know how much that meant to me. When I first joined 2x and started the whole process that I am in right now, I had doubts as to how much this journey would serve me. As a 2x coach, my feeling was that you really didn’t get to know the person, but by providing the assignments, homework, coaching calls, and a forum to bounce thoughts and ideas off colleagues, it would allow us to learn more about ourselves. And that was what the process was all about.

Before I did Inner Power and started coaching with you, my thought was that you may get to know the individual a little bit more, but your role as a coach would be to basically ask the right questions. Since most people do not ask themselves what they would truly like their life to look like, and the quality of one’s life is determined by the quality of questions that they ask, my thoughts were that the coach would be the one who would be skilled at asking the questions that would be more relevant to the individual, and keep the process going until they get the answers and then refine the answers, so that you would help this person awaken their inner power and create this great life.

At inner power when I asked some of the other participants about coaching with you, they would talk about “the templates”, which I interpreted to be a standard set of forms that were assigned in some sequential order, to work through this process.

I NEVER thought that the process would be as personal as it has become, that I would learn so much about myself, or that it would be as difficult and emotional as it has been. I never thought I would open up as much as I have (but that is also because I did not realize how much I had shut myself down). Today I literally have tears of gratitude because someone would care enough to unconditionally take time out of their life to help and support me in the way that you have. So thank you!

Before I left home yesterday, I had thoughts that I was totally insane to drive for 7 hours to have someone help me finish this collapse. Whether it was a snowy day or a sunny day, I was having trouble rationalizing it to myself. And leading up to the day, I was quite prepared to bail on the whole trip. I figured we would work through some of my blocks on the collapse for 2-3 hours, then I would be on my way. I can honestly say that the day was not at all what I expected. And I had no concept of time while I was there, which is highly unusual for me.

When I left I had an achy head, my stomach was all knotted up and my heart had a deep pain in it. There is a part of my brain that thinks I did not allow the process to happen properly, but my body tells me that it had enough emotional challenge for now. When I left your house I was not sure if my heart opened a little or a lot, but what I had to accept was that the process was what it was. At this time I may not be able to choose how much it opens up, but I can choose to keep the process moving in this direction so that when it is ready to open, it will. And I need to trust in the process to know that when my body is ready, it will let it happen. And not to beat myself up because the process is not happening the way I want it to. So, one of my baby steps that I would add to my list would be to not let the process shut down.

My morning at work today confirmed that yesterday was worth the trip. This morning it turned out to be ¼ of my PM’s have been seeing my since my first year of practice. (I don’t know if that is a normal percentage because I have never thought about it before). As I approach the person, my question that I ask is “how may I serve you today” and then I proceed from there. But in the case of the individuals, the next thought that popped into my head was “wow, this person has been seeing 1x/wk or 2x/ month for almost 14 years!” At that instant my thoughts shifted to wow, how much has this person taught me or allowed me to grow. I was overcome with tears for each one as I adjusted them. And as each one of them got up from the table, they shared some little piece of themselves, and all I could do was thank them. And when I said ‘thank you’ I could feel it all the way into the depth of my heart. And now I know what that feeling of gratitude is all about.

So that Tom, was worth the price of admission!