Name: Dr. Sue Burger

Location: Pennsylvania

Tom Preston is a joy to coach with. Our focus has been on living a happy, balanced, and successful life, and building the practice to support that vision. I have fortunately had the
experience in the past of working with some pretty great coaches, and in my opinion, Tom is a great coach. He understands the many levels at which we human beings function, and supports and encourages you to bring your life into congruency.

When our values, goals and purpose meet, supported by sound planning and business strategy, we live life with passion and fulfillment. I appreciate his sound guidance and huge heart.

If you are looking for a coach that will be there for you with love and integrity, and wants the best for you even more than you may want it for yourself, then consider Tom. Without judging, he will guide you to creating the life you want. He brings intuition, and an understanding of universal laws, into helping you see the bigger picture of your life. Seeing the lessons learned and the blessings in everything, you can move forward, shed old fears, and be who you want to be.