Name: Dr. Terry Van Bakel

Location: Ontario, Canada

Thanks again Tom. The weekend was awesome. After I got back in sync with my world at home (took about a half a day!) I’m feeling quite rejuvenated. I’m sending you my 3 things since you’re the best “hound” I know!!! Also, something bizarre… I was pretty much addicted to Timmies Tea. I would have that deep down feeling like I had to have it to function (many theories on what’s in there that’s addictive). Anyway, yesterday I didn’t have the “urge” and this morning I thought about it but had no physical feelings about it!! This is big!! I suppose it is a combo of the cleansing of the sweat, the not having it for a few days and just the lovely calm feeling I have. Anyway, it is all good and I thank you big time for that.