If you enjoy this video, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE 👈 In this video, I’m going to show you how to build a digital vision board. We know the traditional vision boards quite well. Usually, you’ll take an A3 blank paper, paste on some magazine cutouts and make a collage of everything that you’d like for the future.

We live in a different time though, so I like to build a digital vision board. While there are apps and websites out that you can use, I find keeping things simple is the best way to do it, so my wife and I build our vision boards with a blank word document.

On the screen is a vision board from about 12 years ago. You can see a few different pictures in there – some travel pictures, a picture of a car, a house with a pool (which we actually have now), you see some healthy foods and also someone who’s fit and healthy. I’ll take you through how we did this.

You open a blank word document and make sure that you have it in landscape mode as that’s a better view for pictures. I’ve used an A4 size here, but you can make it A3. That way, if you decide to print it, you’ve got a nice, big board to put up.

Once you’re in landscape mode, you can start searching for your pictures. It’s a good idea to plan out what you’re looking for before you do this. You probably already know what you want, so it just takes an extra bit of digging and searching.

I’ll start with “happiness”. A few pictures come up, but I’m not a huge fan of any of them, so I’ll narrow it down and type in “happy couple”. This brings up a few more options. I prefer pictures without people’s faces in it, so a nice sunset view from the back or a picture of a couple far out on the beach works well.

You save the picture – and if you’re quite organized, you can rename it and create a folder. Once you’ve done this, you go back to your word document, go to “insert”, and then select your image. Now you can resize and move it around to your heart’s content.

Moving on to the next picture, you do the same thing. Search for an image that you like, click on it, save as, and then insert it into your document.

To get it in a collage format, you can left-click and select “wrap text”. This lets you move the pictures on top of each other. To layer it, you can left-click and select “bring to the front”. And voila, you’ve got your digital dream board.

The most important part of this is to have a plan for your future. It doesn’t have to be detailed, but you do need some ideas. As you start creating the board, more ideas and inspiration will come you.

Creating your board should be a fun, enlightening experience. So play around with it, adjust it, and save it so that you can go back to it and see what you’ve managed to achieve.