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If you’re like me, you probably get overwhelmed from time to time with the vast number of information available to us nowadays. What should we focus on? How do we know what our brain should prioritize? Today, I share the Triple D Strategy which is a very simple efficiency strategy you can follow, to help you gain clarity, focus on the things that matter, and have higher productivity in business and life.

The three D’s refer to “Dump”, “Delegate”, and “Do”. These are going to be the three categories into which you sort all the things you have in your mind. But to do that, you need to be aware of all the things occupying your brain first.

So the very first step is to take some time to figure out all of the things you’re thinking about. Think about your business life, personal life, and all of the other daily interactions that might be taking up mental space.

Once you have all of those things written down, the next step in this efficiency strategy is to begin to sort them into categories. Create three columns, one for each of the D’s, and place each item into a column.

The “Dump” column is going to include all the things that you shouldn’t really be spending time on. To gain clarity, think about your priorities that’ll help you get to the business and personal success you want to achieve. What can you leave off of your to-do list?

Then move to the “Delegate” column. What can you leave for someone else to do?

Lastly, figure out what you can realistically do yourself. Put these into the “Do” column. But maintain a sense of cautious optimism during this step. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Once you implement this efficiency strategy, you’ll find that you can quickly gain clarity about what you need to do, and how you should best spend your time and energy. And with this clarity comes higher productivity and efficiency in life and business!