My wife and I work differently and we often have different opinions. That’s okay. It’s part of what makes our relationship work so well. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and she knows hers.

However, it becomes a problem in a relationship when there isn’t proper communication. As partners – both romantically and in business – you’ll find that opposites attract. It’s because we subconsciously know that the other person can fill in the gaps that we have, and that’s great!

But if you’re going to be constantly focused on those different opinions, if you’re always focused on your contrasts, then you’ll start getting annoyed with each other.

Instead, lean into those contrasts and see how you can learn and grow from it. How can you become a better human being by engaging with people who are different from you? How can you use contrast in your life to evolve and grow?

At Full Circle, we do believe that opposites attract and come together simply because the differences in our lives allow us to be successful human beings. Embrace that. See that as another hurdle to overcome and nail. It’s fun and it’s insightful.