I thought I would share my gratitude to you as I had a pretty special day!

Thanks to you I have set up a rhythm that is really working for me! I now get up at 4:30 am and start my day by taking care of me first. It’s been a bit of an adjustment as I have to get myself to bed earlier, but I sure look forward to my 2 hours of me time every morning. I go to a treadmill/strength class at 5:15am, get ready for the day and enjoy my coffee all before the kids get up.

Today I worked an ideal morning at PRICE. I have clustered my hours to work shorter shifts. Thanks to your coaching I have identified that my energy is best with 4 hour shifts. Today I worked 8-11:45 (booked full with a NP at the end) and got all my files done by noon. I left the clinic with much gratitude as I saw many people smiling getting a workout in the gym, therapists chatting it up in the staff room and excited to start their fully booked afternoons and our office manager holding a baby while she welcomed a NP!

I feel so blessed that you came into our lives when you did. The timing was perfect! We are still reaping the benefits of the coaching we did with you years ago! So thanks to you, for being you as you continue to inspire and encourage so many everyday.

Dr Tara Price