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Today I want to share some great questions to ask during the interview process when hiring a medical practice assistant.
When I interview somebody for a job, I want to be able to catch them by surprise so that I can see how good they are at thinking on their feet, so I’ve got some standard questions for hiring that help me do that.

When hiring an assistant for your practice, you want to look for competence and the ability to learn more than skills.

Do they know enough about your company to know why they want to work for it?
What do they understand about the job they’re interviewing for?
Can the person follow through on requests?
Do they have questions for you?

At any point during the interview, you should feel at liberty to end it should you not like where it’s going. Remember, it’s always good to call the person back to let them know that they haven’t been hired.

I’m confident that my questions for hiring will help you during the interview process when hiring a medical practice assistant. These questions will guarantee that to can hire the best possible talent for your business.

Time Stamps:

00:45 – The basic questions to start the conversation and find out more about the candidate.
02:22 – Does the person have the potential to fit into your company?
02:40 – What to ask in the job placement advertisement.
03:31 – What is their experience and knowledge of this particular field?
03:54 – Questions to see if applicants can think on their feet.
04:56 – Insight into the personal achievements and experiences of candidates.
06:11 – Can the candidate handle expressive language in the workplace?
08:00 – Examining commitment levels of your prospective employee.
08:50 – How do they feel about taking direction?

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