Name: Dr. James Emmett

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Hello my name is dr Jay Breitlow and I have been playing with coach Preston for the most exciting and glorious manifested year of my life. It was a year ago my fiancé, who is also a dc, met Tom, and at the time we were in a very challenging and unauthentic practice in Chicago. We had 3 months left in our contract and no idea what our life, if we could manifest, would look like.

Coach Tom took us through the entire process of starting over in practice – which meant helping us clarify our ideal life and dream practice, holding our hand as we looked at buying practices and flat out starting up from square one. We decided to start from zero and trust in our why… This is something coach goes thru with u straight away; why u want to be in practice and why u serve humanity.

Well the “outcome” if u will can be told in a story. Christina and I were in a uhaul moving to Colorado, scared to death. Armed with nothing but clarity, certainty and a ginormous WHY. We didn’t know how we would open just that a space awaited us and that it fit our authentic vision. At any rate on the move, we had a timeout at a rest stop for a coaching call somewhere in the middle of Nebraska. So on this call I am basically crying my heart out in a panic that everything I own is in this truck and there is no “salary” on the other end.

Well tom trusted so much in his processes that he just said – “Jay I guarantee u in a few months from now we well be laughing about this day.” Two months later we went from zero services to 100/ week and had created our life… our perfect life… in our one authentic voice.

On top of that coach goes thru the ins and outs of what he calls ESOL’s. Energetic Space Occupying lesions that clog up the “hard drive” of our life and slow down the efficiency and effectiveness of designing and living our dream life. I had a few ESOL’s, one of which was with closure on my father’s untimely and early death. There were lessons, learning’s and blessings in that experience that I had no awareness of and with coach’s help that weight around my neck soon became the wind beneath my wings to soar to new heights in my life.

Another ESOL I had was with my younger brother. Coach brought to my attention that every relationship is co-created and that it is support thru communication. These simple ideas when put into practice has radically changed my family relationships for the better!

Please don’t hesitate to call me at 303-776-6767 if you want a candid chat about coach tom, or you can email me at [email protected].

Have a wonderful and blessed day and enjoy your one heroes journey.