Name: Lou Columbus

Location: Timmins, Ont.

How are you? Mike just got back from his week-end and it was “just what the doctor ordered” ha, ha, Or in this case both yours and my energy making him go. I am speechless as to what I want to say to you. He really, really needed that but I never thought thought that was what I was sending to you. Do you get what I mean? He told me a few things and that set me off crying. All the things that I have been trying to convey to him for over 20 years. He always thought that I was weird, off my rocker not getting life – so to speak. Now that the student was ready the teacher came. As I am writing this, crying like a baby, I want to thank you yet again for showing up in our lives. Our baby is growing up!!! ha, ha.

I would love to come next year. Start stocking up on kleenex now for me. You’re going to need it ha, ha.