Name: Dr. Lynne McRoberts

Location: Toronto, Ontario

I cannot thank you enough for all the gifts that you give me. I would like to thank you for the book but more importantly the gift behind the book. I got the courier message that I had a delivery and I of course did not know what it was so I went into this incredible place of doom and that I was in trouble.

Well what a lesson especially with the power of intention as the gift. I have to say I had a very good laugh at myself. So thanks.

I do not think that words can express to you my gratitude. But I can say to you that my
commitment to moving forward with grace into the new vibration is rising each moment. I sooo look forward to our growing relationship and the new places I/we are going.

Coaching with Dr. Tom has helped me to be the Doctor, the Mom, the friend, and the woman I was meant to be. The more we work together the more in understand how my greatness scares me. How I had defaulted into a life that served me but wasn’t allowing my light to shine as it could. I had not even considered how amazing my life could be, or at least allowed myself to see it. I am now determined to life that live and have my dreams.

This is not a journey that I would have been able to do on my own. Dr. Tom has opened my eyes and keeps me on my path, not the path he thinks I should take, he has enabled me to see my path and find my journey. He is a support that is always available and never judgemental. My life is indeed on the path, and to have a partner, a mentor and a support system in place that I trust, is indeed immeasurable.

Thanks for all you do Dr. Tom from me, my practise members and my kids.