Name: Maura Coltsman, CA


“I began this CA training shortly after starting my position as a CA. This is the first time I have worked in Chiropractic care; my work history before was mostly at Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinics. I did come with a base knowledge of how rehabilitation clinics work, even if I didn’t quite understand Chiropractic care at that time.

This program helped me grow into a better CA much faster than just learning my new position on my own, as I went. The program was nicely balanced with information given, homework and tests, but what I enjoyed the most was the conference calls with Shazia. She made the calls fun and it didn’t feel like I was expected to know everything, but rather had a good support system that was teaching me ways to be a better CA. Shazia was very easy to talk to and I was never afraid to ask a question, even if I felt that it was a dumb one!

She genuinely wants the CA’s that she trains to better at their position and I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed what she does as well. It was nice to be educated by someone who
truly enjoyed their job and wasn’t doing this training just because she had to.
Thanks so much!!”