What if you could get new chiropractic patients from your chiropractic patients without doing any marketing?

You don’t need to spend money on advertising in order to attract more patients and grow your practice.

We actually believe you will waste your time and your money by marketing before clearing your “Practice Plateau”.

If you want an extra 2-5 new patient referrals per week, watch how Dr. Tom built his practice with his simple 2 Question Table Talk Strategy:


The 2-Question Table Talk Strategy

Dr. Tom didn’t do much in the way of traditional marketing, yet he and his associate doc had over 1,000 patients under care, commonly with a 4-week waiting list to get a new patient exam.

So here’s his sneaky patient referral program to get 2-5 new patient referrals per week from the table:


Question #1:

What changes have you noticed in your health & well-being since you started care with us?

Here’s what this question does:

  1. they have to quantify the benefits by determining where they started and how far they’ve come
  2. it bypasses the negative so they’re not thinking about any pain that hasn’t been resolved yet
  3. it helps them raise their awareness about all the benefits that chiropractic has to offer that they may have never considered
  4. it helps them think that there’s more to chiropractic than just symptom relief and that they should continue coming frequently for their health & well-being

Here’s what we ask next…


Question #2:

Who is ONE person you know that you wish could get the same results / experience that you’ve got? 

Here’s the distinction.

We are asking them a very straightforward question, who is ONE person.

If we asked them to tell us “somebody” they know… they tend to freeze up as they go through the Rolodex of contacts in their mind.

When we give them a small container to think inside of by asking “one person”, it’s easier for them to make the association and give you a name. 

While they may have many in mind, there’s one who would make a perfect patient.

Make sure to help them help you, tell them how to refer a loved one into your practice.

The benefit to this patient referral system is that you grow two-fold because you attract a new patient while increasing the stickiness factor of your existing patients to increase your PVA.

If all you did was double your PVA, your practice revenue would double with no marketing or new patients.

The thing I want to stress here is to make sure you adopt these questions to your own style.

We don’t believe in scripts. We believe it has to be authentic in order for it to be effective.

So try it out this week, practice in the car, see how it fits for you. 


– – –


Now here’s why this might not work for YOU …

We believe most docs aren’t ready to add more new patients to their practice and here’s why”

If you’re hitting the same patient and revenue numbers month after month, then you have the inevitable…

“Practice Plateau”

In this case, it’s YOU that’s the interference to growth.

No marketing will help you break through your plateau.

… not scripts.

… not systems.

Adding new patients will be a waste of time, energy and money because you tend to end up back to where you are now anyways.

I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to add anything to your practice… you need to remove your interferences.

The interferences that limit your expression, your income, your enjoyment, and keep you doing what you believe you “should be” doing instead of being yourself and loving your practice.

Once we remove that, your glass ceiling becomes your new floor.

That’s when Charles 70 patients per week became 120 patients per week… 70 went from his max to his new low.

I’d love to give you the answers you need to remove your interferences, but it’s different and unique to everyone.

Everyone has a unique practice style, unique lifestyle, unique goals, and unique baggage that is holding them back.

What we can do for you is to get on a Practice Growth Strategy Session to take a look at your symptoms and give you a report of findings, which we call our Practice From Within Blueprint to grow your practice while working less exhausting hours.

Just click the link below to remove your interferences to growth…

-> Yes, I want to grow my practice.