Name: Dr. Paul Martin

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Looking back at the numbers from last year, I can see that the ROI from my coaching experience has in fact increased even more than in the first year, and the growth in my practice has been even more extreme, now that our coaching has matured into a higher level of relationship. My investment with my coach doubled, and yet the ROI actually increased! It feels that even though we haven’t had as much opportunity to work hardcore on practice systems, my growth as a person through guided conflict with my family has led to a number of developments personally and financially.

In other terms, he is a great spiritual guide, offering his own insight, but guiding rather than forcing that insight. He does not tell you how it is, and does not judge if you disagree, but rather, he allows the highest form of you to come shining forth. He epitomizes the motto of Brilliant Life Chiropractic, which is, “Let your Brilliant Life Shine!”

Tom pushes me. He accepts no less than the best I’ve got, and then shows me
that I have even more. He offers no judgement or condemnation, only the
encouragement of a man who knows it can be done, and knows that I can do it.
He is insightful and experienced, and knows how to keep me at the top of my
game. I started coaching with Tom when we were already starting to turn things
around, and his addition helped push us to a new level. What’s more, he has
become someone we can trust to advise us, my wife and I, on our personal lives
as well, ensuring balance, honest and open communication, and adherence to
our most cherished values.