Be honest with yourself for a minute.

Does this sound like you?

  • You haven’t taken a vacation in so damn long and if you have…you’re thinking about work half the time.
  • You are living a life that is similar to your parents and you claimed you would NEVER end up like your parents
  • You meditate to calm the anxiety, the monkey mind, but it doesn’t last long enough
  • You lost your innate sense of self, feeling stuck in a rut
  • You don’t make time for your hobbies and outside interests
  • You fear you may have become boring and live a quiet life of desperation

You’ve been lied to by well meaning members of society your whole life. You don’t need to learn anything new in order to have the business and life you desire – you need to UNLEARN and shed all the unsupportive beliefs and behaviours that are subconsciously sabotaging your success.

Realign your navigation system toward what you really want, not what you don’t want. Connect with that “factory installed” inner guidance and reverse engineer the steps it takes to go from where you are to where your heart is calling you to be.


We have been coaching conscious chiropractors & entrepreneurs for over 2 decades now. Thousands of hours of phone calls, retreats, live events, breakthroughs and breakdowns. Even though we are a thousand individual expressions, we see the same things.

We have different versions of ``success``

We created the Practice From Within Blueprint out of necessity.

Too many coaches and experts were telling people to live their version of success. Telling lies that volume and patient numbers is the only indicator of success. Putting people like you and me on a hamster wheel of hollow external validation.

Create Your Own Authentic 'Success Roadmap'

We had to stop, look within and define success for ourselves, for life in our ideal.

To seek our core values so we can make aligned decisions, to remove the guilt, shame and resentment that is blocking our success and to create an intentional plan that we can ensure steps to growth each day.

We chose to stop, look within and define success for ourselves, for life in our ideal.

  • To reveal our core values so we can make aligned decisions with the true essence of who we are. To remove the guilt, shame and resentment that came from not living up to societies perceived definition of success.
  • To create an intentional blueprint of action steps that ensures we know exactly what to do each and every day to move forward towards our dreams.

Here is the transformation that we work through with the Practice From Within Blueprint so you can get a sense of the steps we have identified that will take you from Chaos to Certainty and Control of your Life and Business.

We Want To Help You:

  • Make decisions from your Core Values and not Society’s expectations of you
  • Create a time management plan to reduce your hours by 33% so you can commit to yourself, your hobbies and your family again without sacrificing revenues
  • Remove the the emotional blocks to growth (ESOL’s)
  • Show you the systems you need to master in your business that will allow you to raise your prices and grow your profit margins by over 25% in the first year alone.
  • Create a Business Lifestyle Intention Sheet that will allow you to reverse engineer the exact amount of money you need to make, the exact amount of patients you need to see to live the life you desire and deserve.


I had both sides of the coin. I was a poor farm boy who couldn’t afford university. Then I was a post grad with almost $1,000,000 in debt trying to start a family and a practice.

Then the other side of this story… having money, the dream house, a family oasis on a private island, boats, toys, you name it… and yet, I was terribly unhappy.

What the f*ck?

Turns out I had “bought in” so hard to the bullshit that society fed me that I was living someone else’s life.

I needed guidance.

The speakers on the platform said that the key to success was more volume. So I continued to build the volume.

300 pv/week …… 400 pv/week …….. I still remember the first week we served over 500 pv/week

But then my business partner went on vacation and wanted me to look after his patients for two weeks! Great opportunity!

I got the honour of adjusting almost 1000 pv/week… and that’s when I found out that the key to success and happiness is NOT patient volume.

Apparently I had accumulated a lifetime of “layers” in my mind and heart that blocked my connection to this “inner greatness”

I have been releasing boat loads of fear, hurts, guilt, shame and limiting beliefs but …. Still don’t trust that the messages I am getting from within are truly my “inner greatness” or anything.

I got a coach.

I began getting quiet more often so I could have a dialogue with this voice.

I built meditation into my morning routine.

I let it guide me toward my Core Values, the things in life I subconsciously make decisions from, and built my life and practice around them.

That’s when I made some serious changes:

  1. I cut my practice hours by 33%
  2. I fired some energy sucking patients
  3. I went to an all-cash business model in a socialized healthcare environment
  4. I took a two week holiday
  5. I started living and working for me.
  6. I then started taking 10 to 12 weeks of holidays a year.
  7. I changed my office hours to be home every night for dinner.
  8. I attended EVERY important event in my daughters’ busy lives.

This caught the attention of other docs who saw I was living a great life, travelling a lot, being with my family more, and only working part-time hours.

Others kept asking me to help them do this.


It got to the point where I realized something… people are willing to pay for this transformation since I now know what to do and what NOT to do.

I sold my practice and started what we know today as Full Circle Coaching and Consulting… my team today now has the ability to help docs double their practice while taking an extra 5-10 hours/week off, all without marketing or advertising.

The definition of hell:

“on your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become”

– Anonymous

How This Went For Some Others


Steadily increasing path to realize not only my practice goals, but my personal goals as well!

“I’d like to take this moment to thank you for your steady support, your learned wisdom and your continued effort to understand my needs and partnering with me in my success journey.

By working with Full Circle Coaching, I am on a steadily increasing path to realize not only my practice goals, but my personal goals as well. I also have Dr. Tom’s CA specialists training my CA team. My team has been learning a lot of very practical office procedures as well as gaining a deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy.

2018 has been my best growth year ever, not only by my practice numbers, but more importantly, by my inner heart/vision alignment. With your assistance, I have generated a continued positive practice of affirmations and clearer visions and dreams all leading to a better life balance.  Namaste!

We will have another record collection and service production month AND QUARTER!!  We saw more PVs this quarter with less NPs…which sweetly means our PVA is climbing nicely!  2018 has been a major growth year with our team growing quarter over quarter all year!  We’ve collected nearly $90k this month and nearly $250k for the quarter. I’m am focusing very much on your suggestion that 3 docs in my practice is enough!  One of the many valuable pearls I have learned from you is how to know how much growth is enough!  “Magic Number”, “BLIS”, “IKIASW” are all fantastic tools in creating the knowledge and peace of how much is enough!

Ulyssa and I are nearing our closing date for our “wine country” dream house.  It is a very exciting time. My love relationship with Ulyssa could not be more beautiful…it is filled with honor, respect, humor and balance!  We both share tons of gratitude for each other.

I am looking forward to fantastic growth in 2019 with some very important changes in our procedures to manage a much more active practice.

Cheers to you, my friend!  Thank you for your continued encouragement and sharing yourself with me on this journey.  We have many more miles to travel, so fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be glorious ride!”

Dr. Jonathan Preiss


1080% returns in my first year

Since I began coaching with Full Circle, my life and business have seen tremendous growth! My financial return on investment in my first year was 1080%!!

My quality of life, confidence and self-growth ROI is priceless. I have solidified my core values, and am now able to make decisions based on if an opportunity allows me to manifest these values, and if it does not, I can guilt-free say “no thank you” and move on. My relationships with my practice team and family have improved dramatically as my confidence as a mother, wife and boss have grown exponentially.

I am excited for 2018 and will continue to work with Full Circle to manifest my full potential.

Thank you Dodie, Tom and the Full Circle team!!

Dr. Brandy Grantham


This has been a year of tremendous personal a professional growth.

I’ve had the privilege of expanding my certainty around practicing Chiropractic in my ideal through attending 2 LIFE Vision seminars, better serving my patients through CE and community involvement, becoming pregnant with my second child, and preparing to throw all of the balls in the air again!

I believe in the power of intention, being steadfast and honing ones’ vision to manifest your ideal life, and I credit Dodie with keeping me on track, motivated in the challenging times, and focused on moving forwards and developing into the Chiropractor I want to BE in clinic, while also being the mother and wife I want to BE at home.

Dr. Natalie Bernicky


I just had my best month(s) ever starting in June, which is typically our slow period.

“I grew my businesses in the first 6 months and then they plateaued for the last 3 years... until I started coaching with Full Circle and they skyrocketed.

I’ve been able to blend my core values of family, music and chiropractic to create a business I’m excited about again.

I just had my best month(s) ever starting in June, which is typically our slow period.

It’s been life changing.”

Dr. Erik Thorlakson


Improved overall quality of life

“While one of my goals with coaching was to increase my financial expression, I also ended up with a wonderful increase in my well being as well.

Although my practice volume is pretty similar, my expenses have reduced and I am working less hours to achieve the same result (20 clinic hours per week, whereas pre coaching I was averaging around 27).

I am using the “extra” time to spend more time with my kids, consistent “date nights” with my hubby and even some “me” time.

Very rewarding program.”

Dr. Rena Citron


I've doubled my daily volume of patients without any marketing or fee reductions.

“In the first 2 months of coaching with Full Circle, they’ve figured out the little things I needed to do to increase my patient retention.

I’ve basically doubled my daily volume of patients without any marketing or fee reductions. It was all me… the only thing that changed was me.

It’s been amazing.”

Dr. Charles Cunico


I'm me on track, motivated in the challenging times

“Coaching with Full Circle has given me the ability to see my life through a value system that has guided me to a place of higher potential and awareness.  It has lead me down a better path with my wife/family and has freed up space in my head to focus on what really inspires me.”

Dr Darren Scheirman

Some More Successes...

Dr. Allison Barriscale

Location: Milton Ontario

In the nine months that we have been working together my practice has tripled in size and I am getting back on my feet financially.

Dr. Stephen Lippitt

Location: Belleville, Ont.

I’ve lost 30 lbs of flab and 6 inches around my waist, played more guitar than in the past 8 years, a personal record of new patients in practice, and I’ve learned how to dream again.

Dr. Shannon Farnel

Location: Alberta, CA

In the first year of our coaching, I married my first love, had the courage to build and buy an estate home, decluttered huge parts of my life and have in essence gained better perspective in many areas. Can you afford this program? The question is; Can you afford not to?

Dr. David Brook

Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

This experience has introduced my to new level of accountability, authenticity, and integrity.

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