he way you look at things makes all the difference. You can improve your outlook by learning how to get perspective. In this video, I talk about how to change your perspective in life so that you can be happier and have a positive impact on others.

In my video, I zoom the camera in close on an object and ask you to identify it. Have you ever had trouble seeing something clearly because it was too near or taken out of context? Literally and figuratively, sometimes you need to widen your focus and broaden your horizons to get clarity.

When you zero in too closely on a bad situation, you can become fixated on the problems alone. You concentrate so much on what’s wrong that you’re unable to see that there are also opportunities and possible solutions available to you.

Wondering how to change your perspective in life? Time and distance can give you a better vantage point. When you’re struggling to see things in a new light, let some time pass or step back from the situation. Get a bird’s-eye view of the big picture – that’s how to get perspective.

If you’re feeling challenged or bothered by something in your life, try to put some distance between you and the issue. Take some time to look at your circumstances from all angles. Learn how to change your perspective in life, so you can get a better handle on improving your life.

Here’s my advice on how to get perspective: Take time out, focus on what matters, and consider different viewpoints. When you watch and wait with your eyes wide open, the answers to your most difficult questions will become clear.

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