Have you ever gotten stuck trying to solve a problem that seemed impossible to fix? How did you stay sane? By asking why you might just find the solution that you’re looking for!

Making a decision about what to do next can be hard, especially if you’re having trouble coming up with the right answers. Sometimes you can get into a rut and this can lead to some destructive behaviors.

This is my attempt at detailing the steps that I take to stay composed and productive while looking for a solution.

Whether you’re having trouble solving your own personal issues, or fixing some problems with your business, try taking a short break and getting back to the problems when you’re feeling more refreshed.

What you do during that break is up to you- like listening to music, or reading. Also, doing daily exercise is great for your health, and can often result in an improved mood and mindset while you work on solving your issues.

In this video, I talk about reasons why we get stuck on some problems, and the steps we should take to break out of that unproductive loop.

00:00 – What did assembling IKEA furniture teach me? And how did I stay sane?
01:00 – By asking why, can you really solve this problem?
02:43 – The importance of taking a step back.

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