Do you know the core values that guide your life? What if I told you that disconnection from your values is probably one of the main reasons you procrastinate?

You’ve probably heard self-help gurus talk about the importance of knowing your core values, but you might have dismissed it as airy-fairy talk, not really important or applicable to real life.

Your core values have everything to do with your daily life. They might be the most important thing in it. Your values are the principles that organize your existence. If you value something, you’ll probably feel like doing it.

People talk about procrastination as if it were a character flaw or some sort of disease. They really struggle to stop procrastinating.

Maybe you make lists and agonize over your lack of productivity. You might spend a lot of time thinking about the reasons you procrastinate, but do think about the core values that guide your life?

Simply put, your values are the most important things in your life. Some people value family, some people value money and business success. Maybe it’s fame or spending time in nature that gets your motor running. Whatever your personal values are, you need to live your life in accordance with them.

One of the biggest problems I see with procrastinators is a separation from their values. When you understand the true importance of knowing your core values, you will know why you procrastinate.

If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating once and for all, simply make sure that most of the actions you take are directly related to your core values.

I see so many people shooting themselves in the foot because they’re not making decisions based on their own values. They’ve adopted someone else’s – maybe their family’s values, their friends’, their society’s… That never works. You need to decide for yourself the core values that guide your life. When you do, you might find that the reasons you procrastinate just melt away.