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How many things do you put up with in your life and business? Toleration of loose ends can affect your ability to be efficient and effective, so if you want to have improved focus and productivity on the things that matter, you’ll have to get rid of unnecessary tolerations.

Tolerations are things that are in our awareness that we don’t love but we put up with anyway. We put up with them because we think they’ll take up too much time or effort to fix. But what we often fail to realize is the cost of tolerating something — it clogs up our brains, distracts us from the things we need to do, and keeps us from functioning properly.

Once you sort out the things that you tolerate unnecessarily, more often than not, you’ll find that they actually take much less time and effort to settle than you anticipated. So, it’d do you a world of good to stop tolerating inefficiency, and unclog your mind.

If you can cut out toleration today, you’ll come out with an improved focus and better productivity without a doubt!

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