Name: Shelly Childers

Location: South Carolina

Working with Tom in the BGI coaching group has been a phenomenal experience.
I always thought coaches would tell you what you do and don’t need to do to
be successful. That’s quite the opposite with Tom. In this past year, I’ve
been forced to go withIN to find the answers to the true meaning of success
for ME as an individual.
I’ve learned that my core values dictate who I am, what I desire, and ultimately the path I choose in life.
Utilizing the tools Tom gave me – my vision, goals, and purpose for my ideal practice have become crystal clear, my time is used more efficiently, and tasks are getting accomplished much quicker. These tools aren’t only applied to your practice, but to your everyday life… and that has made a huge impact for me.
This has been one of the best investments for my “self”… and I plan to continue on my growth process with Tom and the coaching community.